Conversion Optimization, Paid Marketing

Project Details

Piñaq was born on a mission to challenge the alcohol industry by adding a fun, unique twist to the world’s most well-known drinks. The brand boasts a set of iconic pineapple-shaped bottles with various delicious flavors sure to please any adult crowd.

After collaborating with Piñaq and deploying our full-funnel campaign strategy, the brand has seen an average of +6x ROAS (return on ad spend) with Facebook ads.

The growth continued via a spike in online purchases from social channels by +10,000% and +27,000% from Google search & shopping ads, which is still steadily increasing.

The rise in new consumers helped spark a series of viral feedback videos across Piñaq social channels boosting in-store purchases and helped expand the brand into new territory within the U.S.

Upon request, Clectiq also directed and produced a video campaign for Piñaq.

How We Did It

1. Campaign concept & strategy

2. Heatmap optimized website redesign

3. Email automations

4. Facebook audience & creative testing

5. Facebook retargeting ads

6. Google search & shopping ads

7. YouTube ads

The Results

— 18% decrease in website bounce rate

— Avg. of 6x return on Facebook ad spend

— +10,000 increase in sales from social

— +27,000 increase in sales from search

— +500% increase in online store sessions

— +100% increase in total online orders

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