Alex Yadgarov & Assoc.

Web Development, Paid Marketing

Project Details

Since 2009, Alex Yadgarov & Associates has been one of the preferred and trusted personal injury lawyers in New York, from catastrophic car accidents to wrongful death claims.

Upon starting to work with Clectiq, Alex Yadgarov & Associates had been converting from a 2-year commitment with another digital agency.

We applied our A/B testing, bidding, geotargeting, and keyword strategies to produce a +300% increase in qualified lead volume, +78% increase in conversion rates, and over a 35% decrease in cost per qualified lead. Amounting to steady growth of new personal injury cases signed for the firm month-over-month.

The Clectiq team had also successfully directed and produced a video campaign for the law firm.

How We Did It

1. Google search PPC ads

2. A/B tested landing pages

3. Ad copy testing

4. Geotargeting

5. High intent keyword targeting

6. Strategic bid management

The Results

— +300% increase in qualified leads

— +78% increase in conversion rates

— Over 35% decrease in cost per qualified lead

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